Why The Patriots Were Re-Launched As “PYTF”

2004: The Naperville Patriots Youth Football & Cheer Organization was founded

  • The Mission was to provide the youth of Naperville community (and surrounding areas) a safe, fun, competitive and education environment for cheer and football
  • Key partners who helped create that environment included Calvary Church, Benedictine University, Boomer-T’s

2006: Doug DiFusco assumes operational management of the organization

2006 – 2011: Naperville Patriots grow and the coaches of PYTF win six (6) national titles

2013: Blue Chip Training (BCT) assumes operational & administrative control of the Naperville Patriots organization

  • Blue Chip Training (BCT) is launched and recruits local travel teams to “pool” resources and admin activities (max buying power, reduce costs)
  • Illinois Speed, Aurora Flyers, Edge Baseball, Naperville Patriots join BCT’s partnership program
  • BCT establishes an intricate financial “shared services” model whereby partner organization funds are pooled through BCT to provide administrative and operational functions of programs

2013 – 2015: BCT relationships begin to tear Patriots organization apart

  • Accumulated debts to community vendors begins to strain relationships for non-BCT volunteer representatives
  • Ongoing lack of financial transparency in the relationship between BCT and Patriots organization drives families and volunteers away from Patriots
  • Coaches and BCT management develop strained and untrusting relationship  numerous long-term coaches depart for other programs, many others begin seek alternatives to their volunteerism

2014 – 2015: BCT relationships with “partner organizations” fail / terminate

  • Illinois Speed basketball separates from BCT “aggressively” and struggles to rebuild the program
  • Numerous temp workers not paid by BCT – fail to complete clinics and camps for Patriots
  • BCT’s failed promises of “experienced coaching at pre-season speed & agility clinics” leave Patriots coaches to run events (additional time and energies expended for program while BCT collected fees for services yet didn’t reimburse coaches for their time)
  • Parents of players who were not able to play for program due to medical issues (identified after registration) are continuously promised refunds – in writing and in person – yet as of Feb 2016, many have not been paid.
  • Edge Baseball files a law suit against BCT (see Will County Public Access System – case #2015L 000822)

2015 – 2016: Patriots Youth Travel Football (PYTF) is launched

  • Volunteers of BCT/Patriots fulfilled 2015 obligations, including representing Pop Warner in state, regional and Florida playoffs
  • Coaches and parents organize and publicly launch PYTF on 12/15/15 – Waited until 2015 season officially finished on 12/14/15 to ensure limited impact to players and families

January 2016: BCT files lawsuit against PYTF and volunteer coaches (2 named individuals)

  • BCT seeking a temporary restraining order (TRO) to prevent PYTF from operating
  • DuPage Courts deny TRO – PYTF continues to operate and launches in-person registration days

February 2016: PYTF presents to Chicagoland Pop Warner

  • Presented clear delineation between BCT/Patriots and PYTF Patriots for Chicagoland Board & Member Presidents
  • PYTF volunteer coaches were the original coaches of the “Patriots” prior to BCT involvement.
    • PYTF showed 17 out of 21 coaches representing PYTF at Pop Warner meeting were with “Patriots” prior to BCT Involvement
    • BCT showed 1 out of 5 coaches representing BCT at Pop Warner meeting were with “Patriots” prior to BCT involvement
    • PYTF volunteer coaches are the ones who won seven (7) national championships and had 35 top 5 finishes – not BCT
  • PYTF coaches were the individuals who participated with Pop Warner in 2015 – BCT coaches
  • PYTF maintains strained relationships with vendors & partners due to financial mismanagement of Patriots funds by BCT (which was overwhelming)
  • A short listing of those vendors whom PYTF has re-established relations with after delineating the difference between PYTF and BCT include:
    • Walker Center (facilities)
    • BSN Sports (equipment)
    • Lasing Sports (equipment)
    • Calvary Church (facilities)
    • Naperville Central High School (facilities)
    • Program parents (refunds)
    • Program coaches (expense reimbursements)
    • ….many more!
  • Chicagoland Pop Warner votes to retain PYTF as organization who will be allowed to partake in Pop Warner 2016 season.
    • BCT/Patriots appeal decision to Regional & National Pop Warner offices
    • Pop Warner declines BCT/Patriots appeal and reaffirms PYTF Patriots as the 2016 Pop Warner “Patriots” program
In the end, PYTF volunteers could no longer be part of an organization that disregarded the value of community and vendor partnerships.  Therefore, the volunteers chose to remove their support for BCT and began to volunteer their time, energy and resources with the Patriots Youth Travel Football (PYTF) program in 2016.