2018 Patriots Upcoming Season FAQs

The Patriots Youth Travel Football, Cheer & Dance Organization (a/k/a PYTF) is happy to report that we had another outstanding year in our 2nd year of operations.  In 2016, we fielded seven (7) youth football teams who competed in two (2) separate conferences (Pop Warner for age & weight, and AYF for unlimited).  Those teams went on to win seven (7) conference championships, six (6) state titles, five (5) regional titles, and one (1) national championship!   In 2017, we fielded nine (9) youth football teams who competed in two (2) separate conferences (Pop Warner for age & weight, and AYF for unlimited).  Those teams went on to win seven (7) conference championships, three (3) state titles, one (1) regional title, and another national championship!  Additionally, the PYTF program fielded three (3) cheer & dance teams who competed admirably and went on to win conference and state titles, finishing their season as national champion runner up (2nd place) at the Pop Warner National Championship competitions in Orlando, FL.

Other notable accomplishments of 2017:

  • Expanded our youth football program to include Tiny Mites (youngest level offered; 5-6-7 yr olds)
  • Hosted our 2nd Charity Golf Outing
  • Launched our first Hip Hop Dance program
  • Expanded our verified partner program members to include new specialty position training resources
  • Successfully defended the program from a baseless lawsuit brought on in CIVIL Court
    • NOTE:  The lawsuit was officially “dropped” on January 10th, 2017 by the plaintiffs
  • Continue to defend the program from another baseless lawsuit brought on in FEDERAL Court

Kicking off 2018 Season:

Below you’ll find a short list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about our program’s youth football program.

Frequently Asked Questions 2018 Patriots Youth Travel Football (PYTF)
What youth sports programs does PYTF Offer?? PYTF offers highly competitive youth football, as well as cheer & dance programs for kids ages 5-15
What will be the cost to participate in the PYTF youth football program?
  • New Players – $450
  • Returning Players – $400
  • Tiny Mites (5-6-7 yr olds) Players – $200
Are there any other costs? In 2017, we started a volunteer program to help the organization run smoothly and in 2018, we are continuing this program. PROGRAM OUTLINE: Every registered player will be asked to give an additional $50 deposit (on top of the season registration fees) as part of their registration payment. This money will be held by PYTF until such time as a volunteer from that registrant performs three (3) hours of volunteerism to support the PYTF program (volunteer opportunities include helping at our concession stand, parking attendant or field attendant during home games, working with the cheer & dance teams to setup or run “homecoming events”, and many more opportunities that help support the program in its efforts to give our children a great youth sports experience).
You say its a “deposit” – does that mean I will get the $50 back? Yes – after the volunteer(s) complete the three (3) hours of volunteer time, the PYTF program will refund the deposit back to the original payment source in January 2019.
Can I simply “donate” the deposit instead of volunteering? Yes – that certainly is your choice. Your deposit will then go towards helping PYTF pay someone (i.e. an individual, a local high school or college student) to help support the PYTF organization’s activities.  We will gladly give you a tax-deduction letter that you can submit to the IRS for your generous donation.
When are payments due to the program? Payments are due by 6/1/18
Will there be a payment plan I can follow instead of paying up front? Yes – the payment plans offered are as follows:

  • New Players – $150 due at time of signup, then $175 due 5/1/17, and balance of $175 due 6/1/17
  • Returning Players – $150 due at time of signup; then $150 due 5/1/17, and balance of $150 due 6/1/17
Will there be sibling discounts? Yes, 10% off after 1st full registration is paid
Will fundraising be required? Yes – this year we are instituting a program-wide fundraiser program called SnapRaise™.  More information about the program will be made available in the coming weeks.
Will my child be able to pick his jersey number? Yes – In our program, your child can pick his own number. However, only players that have PAID IN FULL at the time of uniform ordering will be assigned a number of choice. Players on a team roster who have NOT paid in full will be given a random extra number that is ordered as backup for the program. Deadline for full payment is on or around June 1st.
Will there be any additional costs to participate in regular season? No – your registration fee covers all of your regular season activities.
How many youth National Championships have your coaches won? Ten (10)
How many Illinois High School State Championships (coaching staff) do you have? Two (2) HS state championships and over ten (10) varsity high school coaches
Who are the coaches volunteering for your program? Doug DiFusco, Bobby McMillen, Joe Costello, Mark Guido,Frank Gross, Jim Olita, DeWayne Tyler, Ivan Milivojevic, Rick Cullen, Ted West, Anthony Boose, Tivias Caldwell, Hector Saldana, DeVante Styles, Todd Howard, James Dorsey, Brian Parker, Mike Morris, Aaron Vantilburg, Dean Washington, Nate Lohmann, Marc Menendez and many others!
How do I register my son for your youth football program? Register Online HERE
How do I register my child for your youth cheer & dance program? Please visit our page for C&D HERE


We’re sure you have many more questions, and we’ll be happy to answer them – please be on the lookout for our “In Person” registration events coming up in early 2018. Or, you can join our mailing list and we can notify you of our upcoming events.