2016 PYTF Sponsors

The Patriots Youth Travel Football, Cheer & Dance organization (PYTF) has joined forces with some outstanding corporations and individuals in 2016 to support our programs, events and individual members through various sponsorship opportunities. This support allows PYTF to continue its mission to provide the best youth sports development environment for kids & better kids for life.

Please consider being a PYTF sponsor in 2017 > PAYPAL.ME/PYTF 

Platinum Sponsors ($1,001+)
Gold Sponsors ($501-$1,000)
Bronze ($25-$100)
  • The Sutton Family
  • The Menendez Family


Since 2003, the company has excelled in the commercial and industrial field providing outstanding, professional electrical work for many satisfied customers. I.M. Electric prides itself in working closely with our customer’s needs, timelines and budgets while maintaining professional and friendly relationships. EMAIL: info@imelectricusa.com WEBSITEwww.imelectricusa.com TELEPHONE: (630) 375-6300

WorkCompEDI is the leading EDI clearinghouse & business process outsource (BPO) company specializing in workers compensation, auto and personal injury industries, uniting Payors, Bill Review Companies, Providers and Vendors to promote the exchange of electronic data interchange (EDI). Our firm offers an array of flexible solutions and services for all parties that facilitate connectivity amongst the integral parties of the industry, helping achieve the expansion of advanced transactions for the future. EMAIL: iinfo@workcompedi.com WEBSITE: www.workcompedi.com  TELEPHONE: (800) 297-6909

Since 1968, Sherman Plastics Corporation has been a leader in recycling and distributing thermoplastic resins and compounds. We are committed to the highest level of product quality and customer service. Our experience, long-term customer and supplier relationships, and financial strength separate us from other companies. As a six-time Illinois recycling grant recipient, we use the latest equipment to provide high-quality grinding, blending, compounding and laboratory testing, handling dozens of raw materials. Sherman Plastics Corporation is honored to be recognized by the Illinois Recycling Association for its performance in using recycled feedstock in the manufacturing of new products. EMAIL: Larrymarkin@shermanplasticscorp.com WEBSITE: www.shermanplasticscorp.com/ TELEPHONE: (630) 369-6170

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/xtremespeed100 WEBSITE: www.xtreme-speed.com EMAIL: JTaylor@xtreme-speed.com  TELEPHONE: (815) 439-9797

EMAIL: recruiter@atstaffing.net WEBSITE: http://www.atstaffing.net/ TELEPHONE: (630) 904-8566

WEBSITE: Dunway Brothers     TELEPHONE: (630) 333-3063

WEBSITE: www.jimmyjohns.com (Rt 59)    TELEPHONE: (630) 637-1111

WEBSITE: Harrolds Chicken #55    TELEPHONE: (773) 224-3314

WEBSITE: www.NeighborhoodLoans.com  TELEPHONE: (630) 246-4335

EMAIL: team@eliteairinc.net WEBSITE: www.eliteairinc.net TELEPHONE: (630) 752-9177

WEBSITE: www.xtreme-speed.com EMAIL: info@manhard.com TELEPHONE: (847) 634-5550

EMAIL: rodrigo@rodrigomenendez.com  WEBSITE: www.RodrigoMenendez.com TELEPHONE: (630) 981-0101

WEBSITE: www.cimcoresources.com/ EMAIL: info@cimcoresources.com TELEPHONE: (815) 986-7216

WEBSITE: www.jrscreativeland.com/   EMAIL: info@jrscreative.com TELEPHONE: (630) 922-9121

WEBSITE: www.communityappraisal.net/   EMAIL: dominick310@comcast.net TELEPHONE: (630) 625-2245

WEBSITE: www.sullivan-agency.com   EMAIL: info@sullivan-agency.com TELEPHONE: (630) 289-4410

WEBSITE: rmcf.com/IL/Naperville50672/    TELEPHONE: (630) 904-2462

WEBSITE: www.johngreenecommercial.com/CoreyRamey   EMAIL: Coryramey@johngreenecommercial.com  TELEPHONE: (630) 229-2258

WEBSITE: www.blindguys.com/   EMAIL: hangandshine@blindguys.com  TELEPHONE: (630)871-2907

WEBSITE: www.eftsportsperformance.com   EMAIL: info@eftsportsperformance.com  TELEPHONE: (847) 579-9348

WEBSITE: Fontanos Subs  EMAIL:  info@fontanossubsnaperville.com  TELEPHONE: (630) 305-8010

WEBSITE: Bishop LaForte, LTD    TELEPHONE: (630) 916-0123

WEBSITE: Fitzpatrick Wealth Management   EMAIL:      TELEPHONE: (630) 845-2923

EMAIL: brian.brigs.53.com    TELEPHONE: (630) 347-2447

WEBSITE:  Olita Law Group      TELEPHONE: (630) 402-0333

GLEN ELLYN TELEPHONE: (630) 790-3272      NAPERVILLE TELEPHONE: (630) 355-1311      WEBSITE:  Costello Jewelers, Co.