Success Stories of the PYTF Program

Who are the “REAL” Patriots?

In 2015, the volunteers of the Patriots Youth Football (PYTF) program had achieved tremendous success, driven by the abundant talent of our great athletes and reinforced by the high caliber coaches who dedicate their time, energy and football knowledge for the advancement of the players. Along with this success, the “Patriots” program has undergone some tumultuous times. These moments of challenges were often driven by unclear communication, misaligned expectations and most of all, a lack of transparency.  To address these issues, the coaches and volunteers who were the foundation and asset value of the “Patriots” organization got together and decided to take back their program. The intent was to keep as much of the history, brand and value of the program intact, while making some necessary changes in the administration and management to ensure continued volunteerism and success.

What were the results of your 2016 efforts to re-launch the Patriots organization?

The brand and logos associated with the name “Patriots” were the same under the PYTF organization. Over forty (40+) volunteer coaches who made up the core of the football knowledge, experience and successful championships were part of the PYTF program.  Most importantly, the dedication to teaching of advanced football to eager and willing players who have a desire to play at the highest levels in a clear, transparent and honorable way was delivered to our 2016 families and players.  Ultimately, the goal of the new PYTF organization to keep the “Patriots” name and 2016 program as streamlined as possible to simplify the participation in youth sports was achieved and our program once again received local, regional and national recognition for its success on and off the field.

In our first two (2) years of operations, the PYTF program fielded sixteen (16) youth football teams who competed in two (2) separate conferences (Pop Warner for age & weight, and AYF for unlimited).  In 2016, those teams went on to win seven (7) conference championships, six (6) state titles, five (5) regional titles, and one (1) national championship!  2017 saw a continuation of that success, where our teams went on to win seven (7) conference championships, three (3) state titles, one (1) regional title, and another national championship!

Additionally, the PYTF program has fielded six (6) cheer & dance teams over the past few years who competed admirably and went on to win conference and state titles, finishing their season placing fifth (5th) in 2016 and second (2) in 2017 at the Pop Warner National Championship competitions in Orlando, FL.

Notable accomplishments in 2016:

  • Hosted our 1st Charity Golf Outing
  • Partnerd & launched multiple PYTF spirit wear product storefronts & vendor relationships
  • Successfully defended the program from a baseless lawsuit brought on by the former Blue Chip Training (BCT) / Naperville Patriots administrators
    • NOTE:  The lawsuit was officially “dropped” on January 10th, 2017 by the plaintiffs

 Notable accomplishments in 2017:

  • Expanded our youth football program to include Tiny Mites (youngest level offered; 5-6-7 yr olds)
  • Hosted our 2nd Charity Golf Outing
  • Launched our first Hip Hop Dance program
  • Expanded our verified partner program members to include new specialty position training resources
  • Continue to defend the program from another baseless lawsuit brought on by the former Blue Chip Training (BCT) / Naperville Patriots administrators in FEDERAL Court

What do you have planned for 2018?

In short, A LOT!

  •  PYTF continues to learn from its success and by seeking input from its membership, we are learning what was done “right”,  and what needs “improvement” to ensure we keep addressing the needs of our sports family.
  • The organization is looking to field nine (9) (possibly ten (10) if we’re lucky) youth football teams this upcoming season again (5-6 in Pop Warner Age & Weight, 4 in AYF Unlimited)
  • We are also looking to expand our Cheer & Dance program to more teams this year, and are looking to launch a Spring Cheer program as well!
  • We are already working on our 3rd Anual Charity Golf Outing event
  • And we are actively seeking partnerships with major corporations to help bring move opportunity to our players and their families


We’re sure you have questions and we’ll be happy to answer them – please be on the lookout for our “In Person” registration events coming up in February 2018. Or, you can join our mailing list and we can notify you of our upcoming events.